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This is a translated version of the Japanese article. This article is provided because many international WEB searches are arrived to the Japanese article.

I have notified by the article 平日日記 that the "Special Edition: CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.2" , which is introduced in my BLOG article, is a broken ZIP file when downloaded from the freescale's WEB page. I have investigated the ZIP file and reports here.

Ooops, I have misunderstood

When I have introduced in this BLOG on 27 MAY 2008, I have found that an identical executable file with length 408,790,650 Bytes has been gotten when downloading both an Evaluation Edition and a Special Edition.

Because these are completely same file, I simply understand that "Huum, there is no difference between the Special Edition and the Evaluation Edition." I have mis understood that functions of Professional Edition are available for 30 days, and then functions of Special Edition are available.

WEB page changed

Some days later, I have notified by the 平日日記 article that a broken ZIP file has been gotten when downloading the Special Edition. So, I have double-checked to download, and gotten a broken ZIP file with length 408,686,019Bytes.

Investigate the ZIP file

The ZIP file is not recognized as a compressed folder by the Windows XP. When changed the file's extension to EXE, it is not recognized as an executable file. When changed the file's extension to LZH, it is recognized as a broken file.

Next, I have copied the ZIP file to the KURO-BOX based on MontaVIsta and attempted the file command to investigate the file's property.

$ file Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract

It seems that the file is exactly recognized as a ZIP file. But the gzip command says,

$ gzip -l
compressed uncompr. ratio uncompressed_name
408686019 -1 0.0%

She doesn't understand what is the file. I assume that the file command investigate the header of the file to recognize the file as a ZIP file.

I have tried to extract the file with gzip command.

$ gzip -dc > CW

gzip: invalid compressed data--format violated

Well, it seems that the file is really broken.

$ file CW
CW: MS-DOS executable (EXE), OS/2 or MS Windows

But the extracted file is recognized as an executable file. I assume that the tail part of the ZIP file has bee broken from the above investigation.

Try Service Request when you have a question

Because I have no idea to resolve this problem, I have issue a Service Request to freescale. I will report later when I have received a reply.

Received a Reply from Service Request

I have received a reply regarding the Service Request. It says, freescale recognize the problem on the ZIP file and it will be corrected this weekend. It also says, try again on Monday.

OK, I will try again on Monday. But when is Monday ? Is it a U.S. Monday ?

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